SoHT - GTFI 2020

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June 4th, 2020 from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

around 4.00 pm Meeting point at Arsenale of Verona, Piazza Arsenale, 11, 37126 Verona VR (more details will be sent after confirmation)
Verona, “the little Rome in the north of Italy” because of its roman treasures and the Arena. A city of ancient and historical roman origins, a city where history permeates every corner and every street. Verona’s historical highlights help us to understand the strategic importance of this city, in the past as well as nowadays, the changes it underwent throughout the last twenty centuries that have transformed it into one of the most beautiful and admired tourist centers in the north of Italy.

Verona, “the city of love” because of Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet’s love tragedy.

We will begin our tour with the magnificent panorama of the medieval castle, “Castelvecchio”, private residence of Verona’s lords in the 14th century. The family Della Scala, who wielded power in Verona between the 13th and 14th century. The castle with its bridge and moats surrounding it, represents the last stronghold where the family protected from the people from Verona. Today the castle is a museum.

Near the castle we will appreciate an ancient roman Arch, the Arco dei Gavi and then we will continue to the main square, the “summary of Verona’s history”. On this famous square every monument represents a glorious period in history from roman times with the Arena, the impressive city walls of the Middle Ages, the venetian and Austrian periods.

The Arena, the jewel of which Verona is proud of. This roman Amphitheatre which is older than the Colosseum in Rome but kept in very good condition. The Arena is the seat for the opera festival, concerts and musicals during the summer and the mangers’ exhibition at Christmas time.

From here we will reach the heart of the old town passing by one of the old roman city gates; Porta Borsari and then reaching Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient roman Forum where the main roman streets meet. From here, in just a few minutes we reach the Square of the Lords with the old palaces inhabited by the family Della Scala, the old medieval City Hall Palazzo della Ragione, the statue of Dante Alighieri and the Loggia del Consiglio. Crossing the square, we reach the cemetery of the lords Della Scala, the Arche Scaligere, considered among the most famous masterpieces of gothic art in Verona.

The houses of the most famous lovers of Verona of all times brings our tour to a close. First the house of Romeo, a private building not accessible to tourist and then, the courtyard with the most famous balcony in Verona.

During the walking tour we’ll find the time for a coffee break or an aperitif

6.00 pm End of the tour near Romeo & Juliet house

Participation fee: € 20,00 per person. The walking tour will take place with a minimum of 20 participants.

The fee includes English speaking guide, whisper (audio-guides).

Booking: the tour will take place with a minimum of 20 participants; those interested must confirm the participation and pay the tour fee through the registration link. If the tour will not take place, the interested persons will be informed, and refund will be made.

If you need a separate invoice for REGISTRATION FEES, SOCIAL EVENTS FEES and VERONA GUIDED TOUR FEE, please send an email to:

Organization: Cogest M. & C. - Business Travel